"Sleep Now In the Fire" - Rage Against the Machine transcribed by Jason B. (Weezer451@aol.com) Standard E tuning (EADGBE) riff 1 - intro ------ played four times E|--------------------| B|--------------------| G|----------5---------| D|-7-7--5-7---7-------| played three times, then A|-x-x----------------| D|-5-5----------------| E|----------------------------| B|----------------------------| G|---7(b)-7---5---------------| D|-7--------7---7--5^7-7------| A|----------------------------| D|----------------------------| (b)= bend the note (^)= hammer-on riff 2 - verse ------ played several times w/ Digitech Whammy pedal set to harmonize one octave lower E|--------------------| B|--------------------| G|--------14----------| D|--------------------| played several times A|--12(s)-----12(s)---| D|--------------------| (s)= sustain note riff one - chorus riff two - second verse riff one - chorus riff two - third verse riff one - played once solo ------ While letting the guitar feedback, manipulate the sound using the toggle switch/whammy bar technique similar to the solo used in "Bullet in the Head" live. riff one - outro For the weird radio station sound in the end, try switching pedals off and on. (Note: this happens very rare)
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