Nookie Limp Bizkit ~This is the real version~It came from Guitar World~ Tuning: Drop A~^th String Tuned down To A (1 octave below 5th String) Then Transpose down 1 Steps (Low to high: F#, F#, B, E, G#, C#) Tempo:Moderate Hip-Hop/Metal~98 Riff A is played 3x clean~Then Played again 8x with Distortion, Drums, Bass E E S E S E E E E |------------------------------------------------------------|----------- |------------------------------------------------------------|----------- |----------------------15---------------------15-------------|-------------- |------------------------------------------------------------|----------- |----------------------13---------------------13-------------|-------------- |-----3----0----0-----------0----3----0------------0---------|---------------- D H D Notation: E~Eighth Note S~Sixteenth Note D~Slide Down H~Hammer On
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