#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: "Walter Y. Tien" Subject: CRD: Green Day - Dookie Here's the entire album. Didn't bother with Welcome To Paradise since it's on Kerplunk! Anyway, this might seem a little cryptic at first but you'll figure it out. I've written down all the riffs in each song. You'll have to figure out how many times to repeat stuff and when to play it but everything's here. It'll make sense once you follow along with it. I don't have the time to write out all the lyrics with the chords above the words. Please send me any revisions if you thing I goofed or made a typo somewhere. Enjoy... Green Day - Dookie Tune 1/2 step down Lower case = single note Burnout ------- G C G C A G F D C G C F G C F D G F G Having A Blast -------------- A G g g b g A F# G E D A B G A F# B E A F# D A E F# D A F# G A G A Chump ----- B F# E B E F# A E B F# F# E Longview -------- D B A E E D Pulling Teeth ------------- B A E A E B E A E B E C# E C# B Basketcase ---------- E B C# G# A E B A B E A B E D C# A B E B C# B A B E C# A E B She --- G D C G C G D G D C G C G G Sassafras Roots --------------- D A E A D E D E F# D F# D F# D E When I Come Around ------------------ G D E C A C Coming Clean ------------ B G# B G# F# E F# E Emenius Sleepus --------------- B E B E B E A F# E F# B E B F# B E A F# B A A F# In The End ---------- A G D E A F# D E a c# a g d g F.O.D. ------ A G A E G D A E G D D C# A D C# G Secret Track (tab) ------------ Never plan on playing the intro so I didn't bother. The main part is simple. --------||-------- --8-----||--9----- -----8--||-----8-- Slide up 2 frets --------||-------- --6-----||--6----- --------||-------- ------- From: sam@razalruh.artinet.de (Sam+Afsaneh Razalruh) GREEN DAY " D O O K I E " ================================================================== 1. HAVING A BLAST: INTRO: A5 G5 A5 Im taking all you down with me F#5 Explosives duct taped to my spine G5 E5 nothings gonna change my mind I wont listen to anyones last words Theres nothing left for you to say soon youll be dead anyway. Im loosing all my happiness the happiness You pinned on me loneliness still comforts me. my anger dwells inside of me im taking it all out on you and all the shit you put me through. chorus: D5 A5 No one is getting out alive H5 this time ive really lost my mind G5 an i dont care so close your eyes and kiss your self goodbye and think about the time you spent and what theyve. A5 G5 to me its nothing. . . . . . ================================================================== 2.Chump ? ==================== 3. Longview H5 A5 E5 H5 Bite my lips and close my eyes A5 E5 H5 take me away to paradise A5 E5 H5 im so damn bored im going blind A5 and i smell like shit E5 D5 I got no motivation ================================================================== 4.Welcome to paradise Intro: E5 D5 A5 E5 D5 E5 dear mother can you hear me whining E5 D5 its been three whole weeks since G5 A5 H5 i have left your home this sudden fear has left me trembling cause now it seem that im here out here on my own G5 A5 H5 and im feeling so alone E5 G5 A5 C5 pay attention to the cracked streets and the broken homes E5 G5 H5 some call it slums some call it nice E5 G5 i wanna take you through a wasteland A5 C5 i like to call my home E5 Intro welcome to paradise SHE: INTRO: G 1 .G D She, she screams in silence C G C G a sullen riot penetrating through her mind G D wai ting for a sign C G5 to smash the silence with the bricks of self control 2.D5 C5 G5 Are you locked up in a world thats been planned out for you are you feeling like a social tool without a use G5 D5 G5 D5 scream at me until my ears bleed G5 D5 A5 im taking heed just for you 1....... ------------------------------------------------------ Sassafras roots: A5 roaming round your house E D C# D5 E5 waisting your time_________ no obligation,just W.Y.T so why are you alone W.Y.T When you could be with me W.Y.T D5 E5 Im am waste like you D5 E5 with nothing else to do D5 A5 H5 may i waste your time too --------------------------------------------------- 3.when I come around G5 D5 E5 C5 chorus A5 C5 --------------------------------------------------- 4: coming clean H5 G#5 I found out ... : F#5 E5 --------------------------------------------------- 5. F.O.D A5 G5 (acoustic) chorus: E5 G5 D5 A5 E5 G5 D5 electric: D C# A D C# G -------------------------------- 6. in the end A5 G5 chorus: D5 E5 A5 F#5 D5 E5 A5 G5 =============================================================== TRANSCRIBED BY: mUSTARD sEED - s1036056@cedarville.edu: >I've seen a lot of posts for this song, and others by Green Day. The main thing to remember is that Green Day's music is based upon the power (barre) cords. They are really easy to play once you know these. Many don't know what I mean, so: E--X-- E--X-- B--X-- B--10-- G--2-- is a barre cord. For one octave higher G--10-- D--3-- Just go to the A string D--10-- A--3-- and move up 7 frets from A--8-- E--1-- the same position, yet E--X-- the B string one fret to compensate for the Half-step differential. (Often, only the first three strings are played in the chord) One of the easiest ways for me to crank the cords on the A string without disturbing the E is to gently mute the E with the tip of my index finger while holding the cord. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Basket Case" (I don't have time to type out the rythym, so that is up to you) Chord Progression: E--X-------X-------X-------X-------X-------X-------X-- B--X-------X-------X-------X-------X-------X-------X-- G--8-------X-------5-------X-------X-------8-------X-- D--8-------8-------5-------5-------6-------8-------8-- A--6-------8-------3-------5-------6-------6-------8-- E--X-------6-------X-------3-------4-------X-------6-- Do you..Time to..Listen..Whine..About...Everyth..once ..I.am....Those....Melodra.Fools..Neurot...Bone....It E--X-------X-------X-- B--X-------X-------X-- G--X-------X-------8-- D--6-------8-------8-- A--6-------8-------6-- E--4-------6-------X-- ...Sometim.Give....Creeps ...Sometim.Mind....Me E--X-------X-------X-------X-------X-- B--X-------X-------X-------X-------X-- G--X-------X-------8-------6-------5-- D--6-------8-------8-------6-------5-- A--6-------8-------6-------4-------3-- E--4-------6-------X-------X-------X-- ...It all..Up......Think I.Crackin.Up E--X-------X-- B--X-------X-- G--X-------X-- D--6-------8-- A--6-------8-- E--4-------6-- ...Am.I..ranoid... E--X-------X-------X-- B--X-------X-------X-- G--8-------X-------X-- D--8-------8-------10- A--6-------8-------10- E--X-------6-------8-- ...Stoned! I don't know if this is at Nevada or not. Everytime I try to get in, there's no room. So I apologize for wasting people's time if it is in there. ================================================================== for every correction ill be happy sam
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