---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TITTY TWISTER - Diesel Boy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Moon Doggie - xianmc@ssimicro.com B: bend, H: hammer on, P: pull off, S: slide, PM: palm mute INTRO SOLO: G D E C e|-------------------------12B-12B--------------| B|-12-------------15-15-15---------15-13-13-13--| G|----14-12-12-12-------------------------------| D|----------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------| G D C e|-----------------------12B-12B--------------| B|-------------------------------15-13-13-13--| G|-12----12-14-14B 14P12----------------------| D|----14--------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------| G D E C e|-------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------| G|--12-12-12---------------12141412----------| D|-----------12-12-12--1214--------1412-10---| A|-------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------| G D C e|--------------------------12-12------------| B|--------------------------12-12-15-13------| G|--14P12-12-14-14B--14P12--------14-12------| D|-------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------| VERSE: G D E You bag of shit, you stop right there! You locked me out C G D C and you slammed the door on me and my pants are falling down G D E C I would have another drink except it might be poisoned by my mind G D C and my pants are falling down E C G D Well I don't know what you've been drinking E C D but pour another one for me CHORUS: G D C G D C And my pants are falling down The room is spinning around G D C G D C My stomach is making funny sounds I'm falling down_______ I'm falling down (repeat intro solo) VERSE: G D E C "Fuck you, I hate you!" is all she said as she slapped my face and spit G D C beer on me and my pants are falling down G D She said, "You're a no good hubby-nut street punk rocker E C G D C with a bad hair cut!" and my pants are falling down E C G D Well I don't know what you've been smoking E C D but pack another bowl for me CHORUS PM.... PM.... PM.... PM.... e|---------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------| G|------------7--777777--5--555555--5--555555--| D|-5--555555--7--777777--5--555555--5--555555--| A|-5--555555--5--555555--3--333333--3--333333--| E|-3--333333-----------------------------------| G D C My pants are falling down______ =====================================================================
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