#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# |------------------------------------| | Tim's Online Guitar Archive | | http://www.interlog.com/~toliwiak/ | |------------------------------------| MOUTH by BUSH from RAZORBLADE SUITCASE Transcribed by: Jonathan Zeitlin (marcz@netcom.com) There are 5 chords that are pulled from barre chords. I don't know their names so I'll just call them BAR1, 2, 3, 4, and5. BAR1 BAR2 BAR3 BAR4 BAR5 e|---X-----X-----X-----X-----X--- BAR1: 133XXX b|---X-----X-----X-----X-----X--- BAR2: 355XXX g|---X-----X-----X-----X-----X--- BAR3: 466XXX d|---3-----5-----6-----8-----10-- BAR4: 688XXX a|---3-----5-----6-----8-----10-- BAR5: 8 10 10XXX e|---1-----3-----4-----6-----8--- SIGNS s=slide to b=bend ^=slide up until... The Intro is the same as the verses. INTRO/VERSES: BAR1 e|----X----------------------------------------------- b|----X----------------------------------------------- g|----X----5s-4---4---5s-4s-2------------------------- d|----3----------------------------------------------- a|----3----------------------------------------------- e|----1----------------------------------------------- This repeats throughout the verses. After or instead of the fingerings following the barre chord are these little finger dittys that pop up everywhere in the song. Finger Ditty #1: e|------------------------------ b|------------------------------ g|---5--5--5--5b-s6--5s-6--2---- d|------------------------------ a|------------------------------ e|------------------------------ Finger Ditty #2: e|---7--7--7--7b-s8--7s-8--5---- b|------------------------------ g|------------------------------ d|------------------------------ a|------------------------------ e|------------------------------ CHORUS #1: BAR1 BAR3 BAR2 e|---x-----x-----x-----x-----x------------------------ b|---x-----x-----x-----x-----x------------------------ g|---x-----x-----x-----x-----x------------------------ d|---3-----3-----6-----6-----5------------------------ a|---3-----3-----6-----6-----5------------------------ e|---1-----1-----4-----4-----3------------------------ Let this ring and throw in the first finger ditty with your middle finger and your pinky. The play the verse. In the verse he throws in the second finger ditty. Then come the second chorus. This is the model for the rest of the chorusus. CHORUS #2: BAR1 BAR3 BAR2 BAR4 e|---x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x------------ b|---x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x------------ g|---x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x------------ d|---3-----3-----6-----6-----5-----8-----8------------ a|---3-----3-----6-----6-----5-----8-----8------------ e|---1-----1-----4-----4-----3-----6-----6------------ Then the bridge, which is also the solo (Gavin used this trick of comining them in "Glycerine" as well), goes like this. BRIDGE/SOLO: BAR5 BAR3 e|---x-----x-----x-----x-----x------------------------ b|---x-----x-----x-----x-----x------------------------ g|---x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----4~~~5~~~~~7~~~~8--- d|---10----10----10----6-----6------------------------ a|---10----10----10----6-----6------------------------ e|---8-----8-----8-----4-----4------------------------ Then just repeat the chorus and that's it. Please e-mail me at marcz@netcom.com if you are reading this so that I can know how many people have read or used this tab. Questions, Comments, and Corrections welcome. Below are the lyrics. LYRICS: You gave me this, made me give. Your silver grin (still sticking it in). You have...soul machine Soul machine. The longest kiss Peeling furniture days Drift madly to you Pollute my heart, drain You have...stolen me Broken on me, Broken me All your mental armour, Dargs me down. Nothing Hurts, like: Your mouth. Your loaded smile Pretty just dessert. I wish it all for you So much it never hurts. You have soul machine Stolen me All your mental armour Drags me down. We can't Breathe When you come Around. All your mental armour drags me down Nothing hurts like.... Your mouth, mouth, mouth. Your mouth, mouth, mouth. We've been missing long before, Never found our way home We've been missing long before, We will find our way. You gave me this, Made me give. You have... soul machine Broken free. All your mental armour drags me down. We can't breathe when you come around. All your mental armour drags me down. Nothing hurts like your mouth. Your mouth, mouth, mouth. Your mouth, mouth, mouth. Your mouth, mouth, mouth. All your mental armour All your mental armour and you mouth, mouth, etc.
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