By: David Harrison ( Song: "Grow Old With You" by "Adam Sandler" Album: "The Wedding Singer Vol. 2" (1998) Ok, now I had this requested by someone and I like the song so I decided to tab it out. It's pretty much the same as a different copy by BEB 910 ( with minor correction to the layout, the timing of the chords, lyrics, and method of playing the chords. I actually tabbed this from the movie so if the soundtrack version is not the same as in the movie this may be wrong in some parts and you have my appologies. [Chords] ========== A Bm C#m E A7 E|--0--|--0--|--0--|--0--|--0--| B|--2--|--3--|--5--|--0--|--2--| G|--2--|--4--|--6--|--1--|--0--| D|--2--|--4--|--6--|--2--|--2--| A|--0--|--2--|--4--|--2--|--0--| E|-----|-----|-----|--0--|-----| [Verse 1] ========= A I wanna make you smile Bm Whenever you're sad C#m Carry you around D When your arthritis is bad A All I wanna do E D A E Is grow old with you [Verse 2] ========= A I'll get you medicine Bm When your tummy aches C#m Build you a fire D If the furnace breaks A Oh, it could be so nice D A A7 Growing old with you [Chorus] ======== D I'll miss you Kiss you A Give you my coat When you are cold D Need you Feed you E(hold) Even let you hold E D(hold) The remote control [Verse 3] ========= A So, let me do the dishes Bm In our kitchen sink C#m Put you to bed D When you've had too much to drink A Oh, I could be the man E D A Who grows old with you E D A I wanna grow old with you
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